| छात्र स्थानान्तरण २०२२ -- वर्ष २०२२-२३ हेतु छात्रों के स्थानान्तरण की सूची प्रकाशित कर दी गयी है,सूची डाउनलोड सेक्शन पर उपलब्ध है ,स्थानांतरित छात्र दिनांक १६,नवम्बर,२०२२ तक नवीन संस्था में प्रवेश लेना सुनिश्चित करे | Welcome TO Directorate Of Technical Education


Technical Education in India has a history of over 150 years. In India, it has its root in Uttarakhand as the first ever Engineering College in India which was established in 1847 at Roorkee, now it is one of the IITs. During the post independence period there has been phenomenal expansion of Technical Education in the country. Initiatives are being taken to further strengthen the Technical Education system in terms of quality and quantity. Technical Education is offered through 4-tier education system

  • Industrial and Vocational Training for skilled workers and craftsmen (ITI level)
  • Technician Education (Polytechnic Level)
  • Degree Courses in Engineering and Technology
  • Post Graduate courses and Research Programmes


" To impart qualitative, employment-oriented modern techinical education in working and hands on training mode to youths at low and affordable cost. "